Black to Light Brown Hair Without Bleaching – Hair Transformation

Hey there Glossipers 😀 *waves*

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair from black to light brown, without bleaching them, I had the Ombre look for more than a year, which means, bleach ate up all my hair in that process. *Sigh* though I loved it, that’s the most vibrant look I’ve carried, using the LO’real Paris – Feria Ombre Kit, but then after a year I got tired of my hair and cut the dead bleached area down and kept shoulder length hair, pure, soft, virgin hair….. No matter how hard I tried, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from trying out a new hair colour or hair cut this time. :p I had ALWAYS wanted the light brown/ Caramel kind of hair, so I guess this was my time to do it? 😀 Two nights in a row, I obsessed over models and actresses light brown, caramel hair and tried finding out which shade/brand should I go buy.. It’s like I couldn’t breathe any more, I NEEDED to go and get myself the perfect colour.

To know the whole story click on the video link below! :*


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