How to: Curl Hair Without Iron, Damage Or Heat.

It’s been long now since the dead straight hair are out of fashion, this season it is all about the voluminous curls and bounce in your hair, if nothing, just mess your hair up and WOAH! You’re chic enough to carry that hair with anything you wear. But all this styling comes with a price called “DAMAGE”, I am clearly not ready to pay that price. So I tried something else so that I can curl hair without iron, damage or heat.

Although I have naturally curly and bouncy hair, I’ve always been in LOVE with Taylor Swift’s golden locks, The way they fall in a spiral, those oh-so-shiny and beautiful hair, I wasn’t ready to settle for anything less than that, that’s what made me try this out! Guess what? YES. It worked. It really really worked! Hope it works for you too, keep on scrolling down!

Things Needed:

  • Magazine paper/ Brown paper bags (Any paper that won’t easily tear apart if comes in contact with damp hair)
  • Scissors (Just to cut them in stripes, you can also tear them if you’re neat at it.

First, we have some cutting to do,  grab your scissors!

Start cutting long strips from the paper material you’ve chosen.


The width shouldn’t be more than one block of your finger, or else it gets complicated to deal with. (The more in quantity you cut, the more it will be convenient)


Alright girls, Grab a comb, lot’s of sectioning clips and start this technique by sectioning your DAMP hair!


Separate your hair in further more partitions and clip them up.


I’ve clipped the hair above so it’s easy for me to work!

Take one strand of your hair.


Now, place the strip horizontally on the tips of your hair, making a “V” like this by just folding it once.


Now, turn top layer of that “V” towards the right side. It will look like your hair is wrapped up in the paper strip.


Start rolling your hair upwards. (Grip it tight, making sure that the paper doesn’t tear off.)


Reached the top of your strand? Take both the ends of your strip and tie a knot. Jumble up the paper in a way that it doesn’t open.


The locked up curl will look like this!


Now, repeat this on every strand of your hair. I know it seems quite time consuming but it just needs a little practice, once you’ve done it on half of your head, you will start flowing along with the technique, it won’t be hard at all!

Remember, your hair are currently wet? They will take time to dry, till then, sip a coffee, or watch episodes of your favourite season! Be patient till the time you know they have dried completely. I usually do this at night and sleep, when I wake up, I have the curls I had desired for!


If in a hurry, you can use the blow dryer to dry your hair and just tear the paper apart from your hair! TADA! Perfect curls- Mission accomplished! If you have hair that doesn’t hold up curls, just apply some mousse while your hair are damp.

I ripped open this curl just to show the results! (Though this curl was locked only for a little while, the longer you wait, the better the curls)


Do let me know how this worked out for you guys! 😀


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