DIY – Do Your Eyebrows At Home Tutorial.

How many times have you gone to the salon and come back home with unsatisfying eyebrows? This certainly has been the story of my life.  While one eyebrow looks perfectly bold and arched, the other one will look like a dead thin line, pointy like a mountain. :O I mean for how long is this going to happen? I was done with these eyebrow experiments and stopped getting them made, while I was growing them, I started liking the fact that it was in my hands how thick or thin I want my eyebrows to be, so I plucked a few strands every now and then whenever they started getting bushy under my eyebrow, I let the few strands grow that needed to grow to make my eyebrows look equal.

Unlike others, the growth of my facial hair are thicker and quicker than usual people, I never used to pluck any hair on the upper arch of my eyebrow, the plucker couldn’t do the job, I needed to thread them but never really had an extra hand to pull my hair and skin back so that I can thread them away. In the video that I have posted below, I even found out an alternative for that. 😀

Keep one thing in mind while you’re following these steps in the video, work slowly and patiently if it’s your first time because if you ruin anything up, you’re going to be bound to eyebrow pencil fixing for quite a long while, because that eyebrow hair surely doesn’t grow in the places you want them to grow :p Secondly, don’t wait too much for threading and plucking the next time after you’ve done this because it certainly hurts less and is easier with less hair as it keeps your face looking tidy and fresh like you want it, saving you from all those salon hassles. Even if you do something wrong, at least you won’t be blaming anyone else for it :p

Hope you guys liked the tutorial and it worked out for you, let me know if you try this. 😀 I’m in for suggestions and requests so feel free to comment 😀 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL GUYS. <3

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