Heatless Paper Curls Tutorial – No Damage.

I know there are many of you out there who love to experiment with hair and play with them but secretly wish that there was no damage to it while we’re enjoying the play 🙁 Curling , straightening, perming, blow-drying, streaking, coloring our hair.. The list just goes on and on. Did you know we could enjoy all of the things mentioned above without damaging our hair? Yes. 🙂 Not even damaging it a BIT. Now that’s what I call fun.

Trend says, curls are in! There are so many types of curls, Afro curls, perm curls, tight curls, beach waves, loose curls, there’s no end to the different ways we can curl our hair. As a little girl I saw one of my Aunt curling her hair using socks, honestly speaking, I thought she was crazy, SOCKS? On her head? While she sleeps? EWWWW…. Until I grew up and realized how creative it was and tried the same technique on my hair using paper,  socks are still eww.  The first time I tried the paper curls, I had really long hair and the results were shockingly amazing. One part of the results are- Something that YOU like, the second part is- when everyone asks about how you’ve done your hair! 😉

Here’s a tutorial on how I did the paper curls on my hair, achieving amazing looking curls.



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