Kryolan Tv Paint Stick Foundation- Review.

A little bit of make-up is an everyday thing to do,  especially at work. The most difficult and  equally important part is to find the suitable foundation for our skin, as we all know, the basic everyday make-up consists of a perfect flaw covering base, because we all know that once this step is done perfectly, we’re already done with half of the makeover.  Whenever I went for make-up shopping, I’ve spent hours and hours and never found the perfect foundation until Kryolan.


The most surprisingly amazing thing about Kryolan is, they offer 120 shades for different skin tones. How amazing is that? I found my shade really easily, I am a “FS-45” I don’t know what the ‘F’ and ‘S’ stand for, but I rate them as ‘Fantastic and Super’, it’s been above three years since I’m using this product, I’m very happy with it, I would love to buy it again as it is very affordable (900-1100) VERY long lasting and works like magic for me.

The Application:

The texture is pretty creamy, but that’s what gives the skin a glowy look, I have oily skin, that’s why I use it in a very little amount and blend it nicely, because I don’t want my face to look too bright and oily. It works best for the people who have dry skin because it moisturises their skin giving the skin a healthy glow.  I’ve never had any skin problems like pimples or itching after applying the foundation. Few things I LOVE about it, it has a VERY long-lasting effect, it is ACTUALLY waterproof and it gives complete coverage to the flaws of the skin!

All the professional salons I’ve been to, use this product, it’s really famous and almost all make-up artists recommend and use it.


I didn’t really have dark circles until I had to stay up till late and complete my assignments, but now I have visible ones! I’ve used Kryolan as my concealer, primer and foundation and guess what? It has ALWAYS worked. It’s just that in place of a little amount, I use it more where it’s needed. So that saves me money and time! 😀 I’m happy with keeping ONE thing as my basic tool for looking good! 😉

Oily At Times:

Okay, as I said previously, there is one teeeny weeny bit of problem with the oily part, when sometimes the skin starts shining a lot, I use it with the combination of Kryolan PanCake FS45. That’s the one thing that gives the face a Matte finish.


Usually, when I don’t really need too much make-up, I use a wet sponge on the PanCake and apply a thin coat all over my face, it doesn’t feel like you’ve applied make-up. It doesn’t even smell like it! That’s the best part! 😀

How Will You Know It’s YOUR Colour? 

The colour of our hands are always different than our face, we can’t judge the colour of a foundation by applying a swatch on the top of our fist like I’ve seen most people do it. That’s not the way, you have to apply a swatch near your jawline to check if it’s the same shade as your skin, or not. I see many ladies getting foundations which are lighter than their actual skin tone! LADIES, STOP! It turns your face grey and green after the application! I’m sure you don’t really want that, do you?

I applied a swatch of the Kryolan Tv paint Stick on the fair part of hand which matches my face, I’ve blended it in the other photo. Just to show how much it blends and doesn’t even look like anything is applied on the skin!



Do I recommend? YESSS! It’s an amazing product! Very affordable, Long-lasting and water proof.

Rating. 4.5/5.


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