Morphe Unboxing|35O Nature Glow Bundle|686 Brush Set

I have been going crazy over the Morphe 35O Matte and Shimmer Palettes, I wasn’t ready to settle for any ONE of them, I wanted them both so I started surfing the internet as there’s no Morphe outlet in Pakistan and I started asking about the prices here and there, so many people had the prices so down low that it was obvious they are selling fakes, the reviews from people were still some what positive! For the fakes? Yes! Took me some time to realize that most of the buyers get attracted to the low prices and buy the product, they have nothing to compare the palette with to know it’s authenticity as it’s a plain black plastic packaging with nothing but a logo on top, same goes for the outer box of the palette. There’s no way to know if the palette is authentic until you know the pigment quality/colour placements etc. I did not want to risk buying a fake (there are good quality fakes out there too, you can’t even say they are fake, the pigments are THAT good) that’s when I thought, why not buy from the authentic source, no risks of authenticity, it will cost more, obviously because of the shipping costs + the duty.

I placed the order from Morphe for the Nature Glow 35O Bundle and the 686 18- piece Vegan Brush Set and chose FedEx as the courier service to deliver my products to my door-step, the money had to be paid by card! PayPal does not pay for items that will be shipped to Pakistan.

The Costs:

  •  SET 686 – 18 PIECE VEGAN BRUSH SET for $49.99

Subtotal : $79.89 USD

Shipping : $23.05 USD

Total : $102.94 USD

I know some of you would think it’s very expensive, these items are already sold for more than double of the original price in Pakistan, yet there’s no proof of the authenticity of these products, by investing a little more, if you’re getting the authentic product, shipped directly to you, I think it’s better than all the other options.




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