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Hey there guys!

If you’ve checked my skin update on my Instagram, you would know that I’m going through a bad skin situation these days, the reason can be me skipping on exercise,  keeping the oily foods constant and drinking VERY less water! I know that sounds very unhealthy for the skin, but oh well, I will be getting back on track to fix this InshaAllah. However, since bad skin days are here, the everyday make-up routine had to change or get updated, haha! I’m not really used to having bad skin, or feeling under confident because of it.. Trust me, it’s a thing! You don’t want to apply any make-up because you know you’re messing with the skin but you CAN’T accept your face that way, so you go along applying make-up, there’s never a perfect finish, you always see the bumps and feel your face ache at certain acne areas. It’s a real pain!

Though in this tutorial I’ve not given myself a full coverage look, that’s impossible to be done EVERYDAY, without harming your skin even more, I tried my way to keep it minimal and safe, yet to get the attention off of my pimples and more to my bold lips or eyes.

The products I’ve used in the everyday make-up routine are mostly Pakistani brands, and Maybelline one’s which are easily available in drugstores and make-up shops in very reasonable prices!

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