People Cried Buckets After Reading The Fault In Our Stars, Why Didn’t I?

This book, The Fault in our Stars has led many people to cry their eyes out, there is an unexceptional hype about it. When I’m reading any status, tweet, even Instagram photos, and they are all about “Oh I have this book now, FINALLY!” “Just finished reading TFioS” with the photos of their newly bought copy. It’s the new thing that everyone is going crazy over. A few of my friends also read it and suggested me to read it, all they could do was gush all over the characters and the emotions and the philosophies and the blah blah blah.. I love reading too, but this book? Naah, not the thing I thought it would turn out to be, I can’t believe my ears that one of my friend was like “You think you cried on Titanic? READ THIS!” :O

For me, what my expectation level was..





It was the first time when I wanted to throw my laptop at a wall so hard that it just.. DIES! HOW? I mean HOW can people like this book and cry buckets over it? How is it even possible?? I know feeling sympathetic for the characters is normal, but in THIS book? No… Not possible at all. I am not a cold hearted person who hardly ever cries or something, when it is sad, I do cry. I’ll list down all those things that not only gave me a headache, but also made me REALLY angry.


Hazel and Augustus:

Hazel, seems to be like an old woman living in a body of a teenager, I mean, how can someone be just so tired of life and so boring, it didn’t hit me, I think I slept THRICE unintentionally when I used to start reading her part. I know she was SUPPOSED to be different than the other people around her, but why boring? -_-

Augustus? The boy who wanted to be a superhero for the people around him, it was mentioned he went to college, but WOW. He had NO friends (Whereas, he was such a friendly guy that he couldn’t stop looking at Hazel and approached her the very FIRST time they had eye contact)  -_- just ONE blind best friend, who already lost one eye and was about to loose the other one.

They both seemed so emotionally unavailable at times that it was just unbelievable -_-  one thing I felt was, they were literally the same character but with different genders.. They knew it that they will die soon, GUESS WHAT? They used to wait for it. What an amazing thing to do? :’) It was obvious that one of them will die, but the sad part is, the characters seemed so bored and tired of their lives, it’s like dying was the best thing for them. ß At this point I know most of you will think I’m so cruel to even say that, but c’mon, read it for yourself!



You saw a guy FOR THE FIRST TIME at a cancer patient’s support group. Okay I get it, it was love at first sight and the attraction they both had for each other was irresistible and blah blah, but who goes to the guy’s house after like knowing him for FIVE minutes. What if he’s some psycho? Or A rapist?

If I were Hazel (ThankGod I’m not) I would be completely creeped out by the exceptionally nice treatment of the parents, Okay dude! We get it, you hardly ever have guests at your place, but then hey? Calm the fuck down?


Secondly, what a perfect first love, right? :’) Friendship starts when they threw stuff on Monica’s house (The blind best friend’s ex-girlfriend) is it supposed to be the kind of beginning of a true love or whatever it was portrayed? Haha well, even in that scene, I could imagine Hazel making a poker face in such a fast and excited moment *takes a photo. Keeps the phone in her bag* with the same poker face! Gosh!



Book or A Dictionary?

I’ve read books before, I’ve loved them, I’ve cried on them, even had long lasting crushes on the characters, one thing in this book I could not decide, was this a BOOK or a dictionary? The words have just been taken out from of a dictionary and placed on the pages, I mean, why so complicated, it’s not that I couldn’t understand what they said, but it’s like, it could be said A LOT more simply -_- Extra and unnecessary quotations and philosophies that were not even needed most of the time! No matter how sick a teenager boy is, suffering and fighting his war with cancer, HE IS STILL A TEENAGER. One can not quote such impossibly huge monologues without having to rehearse them or read them from a wall.


“I believe the universe wants to be noticed. I think the universe is improbably biased toward the consciousness, that it rewards intelligence in part because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed. And who am I, living in the middle of history, to tell the universe that it-or my observation of it-is temporary?”




And oh oh oh, how can I possibly forget that proposal? I would’ve needed a dictionary in my hand to feel and go into the depth of what is being said, because of course, English couldn’t be spoken In a more difficult-to-understand manner.


”I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”


No matter what you say, I’m sure you read this THRICE to properly register what has been said^ :p



For the first time, cigarettes were used just to keep in the mouth to talk to a lady and then back in that same box again -_- LIKE A BOSS. I mean, who does that? :/ (Adding another philosophy to that about the flame not being burnt and so that It can not harm him) WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU JUST PLAY AROUND WITH IT THEN?



Then, my MOSSSTTT favorite character :’) (Just so that you know, I’m being sarcastic) Peter Van Houten! Drunk Humpty Dumpty as I call him, though I’m being so not-nice to Hazel and Augustus here, but hey? You can at least not be SO bad to two young teenagers who left their city to come and meet you to ask about a book you wrote years back with a mystery ending? I felt bad for them when they found out what an ass he was. His behavior made ME curious while I was reading the book, “HE MIGHT SPILL IT OUT, HE MIGHT TELL THEM, HE MIGHT BEHAVE A LITTLE BETTER? MAYBE THIS WAS HIS LAST DRINK” These words were spiraling in my head till I got so annoyed that I shut my laptop and went to sleep! -_- it took me lot’s of energy to start reading the book AGAIN. :p

The one part where I thought I might be able to cry or feel something was, when Augustus was seriously ill and almost close to dying, puking over all the place and feeling miserable, there also, the words used were not powerful enough for me to totally drown in the sorrow that he’s no more, (I felt like Cameron Diaz in her movie The Holiday, where she tried making cry faces any whiney faces to cry but it just didn’t happen :p ) Hazel reacted no differently, she was still the same know-it-all and her not-so-shattered self. FINE! I know he HAD to die, but you loved him lady? Shed a tear? It was shocking how emotionless and numb Hazel could be portrayed, not only in this scene, throughout the book.





WHAT? Wait? What? :O THIS IS IT? The book is over? He found out who he chose to hurt, and she was also okay with it! Is this IT? :O



Well, this^ might tell you how frustrated I got reading this book!


Now, I’m actually done jotting down the points from this book because it has already started giving me a migraine, It’s in my never-to-read-again pile now. I’m sure

many people hold different opinions and I think I’m one of those FEW people who actually disliked this book.


Would I recommend it? NO! PLEASE.


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