SereneAir – First Experience, Review – To Travel Or Not To Travel?

Hey there guys! So if you follow me on Instagram, you guys might know that I was in Karachi for a brief visit, I had been hearing a lot about SereneAir, the new local airline for Pakistan, I couldn’t experience SereneAir while I was leaving for Karachi as it hadn’t launched till then, on my way back to Lahore we (me and my family) got the chance to experience SereneAir. I will be sharing everything about that experience in this post.


This airline became the talk of the people for mainly two things:

1- It has reasonable rates.

2- It’s fleet of Boeing 737-800s which are famous for their efficiency and superb safety record, these are newly built aircrafts from Washington.

My Experience:

Once I was done with the boarding, while walking inside, all I could see were beautiful blue and white (SereneAir themed) balloons everywhere.


The flight timing was punctual which was impressive, I walked down the stairs to enter the bus that takes the passengers to the plane, the plane was huge and beautiful, I saw it while I was still seated in the bus.


Going up the stairs, I got a better view of the plane and obviously did not miss a chance to snap that moment as it looked perfect.


The plane was incredibly clean from inside, I just wish that the seating area was a bit more spacious, the leg room was good enough, the seats were not uncomfortable at all compared to some airlines I’ve traveled in before, the staff members were highly professional and served each and every person very well, personally the uniforms of the air hostesses were very well themed in terms of the colour scheme.

Food. One of the things I cringe on is when it comes to eating in a flight because the food is just so tasteless. I’ve never ever liked the food served in ANY local airline, SereneAir very successfully changed my opinion in this matter.  The lunch tasted so good, it was filling and unique at the same time. Their idea for the mixed Salads and fruits as dessert was the biggest catch for me.


Other offers leaving the fact aside that the airline has such affordable rates , is that they have amazing baggage policies, two baggages upto 32 KGs per person are allowed, Infants get a free ticket, children 2-11 have lower fares, families of five get special discounts, the destinations SereneAir flies to are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Faislabad, Peshawar and Skardu.

To Travel Or Not To Travel? TRAVEL!  My overall experience with SereneAir was very pleasing and worth the time and money. I’m glad that we finally have a local airline which is as good as this one, for all of you who are living in Pakistan and want to travel, I would totally recommend SereneAir. 😀

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