The Best Primer | High-End Brand vs Local Pakistani Brand | GLOSSIPS

Large & visible pores aren’t just a problem for people with combination or oily skin types, you realize that when you reach out for a mirror after a few hours of applying a foundation or concealer and all you can see are those pores with your product sunk deep into them, defying the purpose of concealing any of those flaws. That’s where a primer kicks in!


Reading all sorts of magazines & watching the Beauty Guru’s hype over Smashbox’s PhotoFinish Primer, I finally saved up to get my hand on it, a small tube cost me around 6,000 PKR. The size was disappointing compared to the price but I can’t say I wasn’t happy to own it and try it out  – to say the least, it worked. Worked like magic! The formula is silicone based, fills in the pores and airbrushes the skin into such a smooth texture that it’s unreal. Stops the skin from sweating and keeps the make-up on for longer. All the things that a primer promises to do, it does that. Very soon I reached the end of my tube & to be honest I hesitated to spend the same amount again, even on such an awesome product. I went on a dupe-hunt but ended up unsatisfied by many other highly-recommended primers.


Two or three weeks later, I got to try BeautifyByAmna’s Porfade Primer, I wasn’t expecting much out of it at first, as many products had already failed me. I was surprised when I realized how similar the two formulas were. It had the same silicone feel to it, smelt like nothing, glided on my skin like butter & gave me that airbrushed finish that I had missed during my foundation applications. Considering that it’s a Pakistani brand in less than half the price, it has become my holy-grail product ever since. I can’t go a day without it. To review it better, I used it on different skin types & everyone seemed very pleased with the results. I highly recommend it.

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