The Special Six

Even I have my personal favourites when it comes to make-up, just every other girl does, I am sure! 😀 These are the ‘special six’ I need to make myself look perfect for ANY occasion.  If it is a sudden plan with the friends to hangout, or it’s a wedding where I want to look good, but not spend too much make-up and time doing it. 😀

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Wherever I will go, I will surely have this ‘back-up’ in my bag.  The application is just so smooth and the results are equally flawless, which makes me buy this Face Powder every time that it ends, it doesn’t make the skin look flakey or cakey.  Not even extra fair.  The mirror on top is just a plus one! 😀 I grew up watching all the aunties checking their make-up in compacts like this one, and now I finally understand the pleasure they had, carrying a mirror around with them :’)

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The Maybelline MAGNUM Volume Express Eye-Liner <3 I have always been a COLOSSAL girl, or a Maybelline lover you can say, I simply love the application of this, considering the fact that it has a marker tip which works like a pencil would work on a paper (trying to give an easy example :l :p) Another thing that got this into my ‘special six’ is that it helped me through a really bad habit of mine, I just start feeling tired and then randomly rub my eyes! WOAAHH. If this wasn’t waterproof, or ‘rub-proof’ in my case, I can just imagine myself looking like a zombie by the end of the day :p

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Like the saying “partners in crime” the Mascara above and the MAGNUM Eye-liner are “partners in beauty” they go hand in hand, one defines the shape of the eye in a dramatic or elegant manner and the other defines, curls, and volumizes the eye lashes, making them look beautifully thick and long! I never miss out on the Mascara. Even if there is nothing that I applied on my eyes, this Mascara is a must! Likewise the Eye-liner this is also waterproof 😀

10799736_943618975667778_1357927126_n copy


BLUSH-ONNNNNN! 😀 Which means rosy or peachy cheeks… or pinkish cheeks if it is an occasion where I need to put on make-up which is visibly obvious. How can any look be complete without adding colour to the cheeks? Just.. How? How is it possible? And of course, why choose anything else when you have ALL the colours needed in ONE kit? 😀 ….. Specially if it’s MAC? 😉

10751559_943618885667787_322108530_n copy

Okay so, when I’m in a light-blush-on  phase, I miss having a glow to my skin, I tried this product which is now in my favourites, it works best in winters, when the skin is all dried out and chipping off like UHU. I take two dots of the product, apply it on both my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead and the chin, it has a little oily texture to it, but it adds the glow! Forget the shimmer, this is a better way to do it! And the creamy texture works well for blending in as well! 😀

10814247_943618799001129_759938692_n copy

*Takes a deep breath and stares with hearts drawn over the eyes* …..What was I saying? .. Oh … Yes, THIS! This is my LOVE. The Lakme Red lipstick. It stays on for hours. The colour is just amazing, as I have seen it on light and dark complexions, I know this suits everyone! Love the Matte effect. If there was a rating in my special six also, I would’ve rated this #1. I mean c’mon.. It deserves it!


I would like to try new products if you guys recommend them to me, and I’ll be waiting to get something else in my FOREVER favourites! Feel free to comment, and don’t forget to share this article from down below! 😀




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