Tips & Tricks for Voluminous Eyelashes With A Mascara – The ONE Mascara Review.

For every girl out there, mascara is an essential everyday tool! You must’ve heard that “the hair MAKE or BREAK a look” that you must be carrying, but did you know? Mascara on your eyes can beautify your look to the level of perfection, If you know the tips and tricks of applying the mascara in different ways 😀 I know for a fact that I can only rock my look when my eyes are on fleek, which  only happens when the Mascara game went well 😉

TheONE Lash Resistant Mascara, is one of the most promising waterproof mascara I’ve ever used on my eyelashes, I never used to experiment with my mascara’s, because, I’ve always used Maybelline and it has worked wonders for me, it was a bit risky to change the brand, but guess what? 😀 It was worth the try! 😉

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The brush of the mascara is more like a two faced comb, which I understood after applying it, that it helps with combing each and every strand separately so that they don’t clump together, also increasing the length of my eye lashes.

I had applied this Mascara at night time for reviewing, I washed my face before sleeping, the mascara DIDN’T come off, I thought now I will wake up with Zombie eyes, like someone’s punched me while I was asleep…. It was STILL in it’s place :O I didn’t feel like removing it though 😛 I did a lot of sweaty activities after that, like dancing and walking, and exercising… .Still there… Which proves that it is SUPER waterproof. 😀

  • Easy to Apply.
  • Doesn’t Clump the Lashes.
  • Super Waterproof.
  • Separates each strand.
  • Needs no re-applying.

How It Looks:

Untitled-2 copy

This is the look that I achieved AFTER applying the Mascara, using  the tips & tricks for the best application of Mascara, which I will list below.

Tips & Tricks For Voluminous Eyelashes Using A Mascara:

  •    Exactly like nail polish coats, don’t leave your mascara on your eyes after ONE application. A few coats will make your eyelashes look voluminous and longer.
  • If you want the ‘fake eye-lash’ look, after applying one coat of mascara to your eyes, drop some powder on to it, let it settle, then apply the second coat. You’ll see the difference.
  • Move your Mascara brush on the lower eyelash line repeatedly for a few times, they will look longer and with more volume.

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