How To: Apply Perfect Foundation.

Hello Girls! Previously I posted a review of my most recommended and favourite Foundation, Kryolan TV Paint Stick, it is the product I’m using in this tutorial, want to know it’s details? CLICK HERE. After the review, ¬†I got requests to post a tutorial on how to apply foundation which gives you perfect coverage without showing the dark areas of the skin. So here it goes. ūüėČ In this Before photo you can clearly see that my skin isn’t in one tone, the dark circles, the redness on the nose.


The basic purpose of applying foundation is mainly to give your skin ONE tone and hiding the flaws like Acne or freckles and giving it a fresh look. I apply foundation using a soft sponge, then later give it a finished look using my fingers, because according to me, the fingers blend make-up pretty well!

STEP ONE: I always do the eyes first, ¬†Apply some foundation on the sponge and apply it in the direction of the arrow underneath the eyes. For the inside “V” part of the eye, use your fingers to fill in the space properly.¬†If you have prominent dark circles, apply more¬†layers of foundation over them, tapping them slowly with your sponge. It blends well this way. Repeat the same technique on the other eye as well!


STEP TWO: Time to cover up the lid of our eyes. Apply the foundation starting from the inside of the eyes, going towards the outside, till the brow bone.
















STEP THREE:¬† As now we’re done with the eyes, start applying the foundation on your nose, a straight smooth line on the bone of the nose, then blend it side ways going all the way to the apples of the cheeks. Don’t forget to cover the beak of your nose (As I sometimes forget that :p)


STEP FOUR: Most of the times because of excessive threading, the upper lips tend to look green-ish/grey-ish at times. When that happens, foundation will also fix that. Start moving your sponge from the sides of your nostrils, bringing them down to your upper-lips in this direction.


STEP FIVE: Time to do the Forehead now. ¬†Most of the times, the people I’ve seen, don’t apply the foundation perfectly on the forehead and it highlights the most, making it look very untidy; So remember to follow the direction of the forehead hair while the application¬†and tidily apply ¬†on the hair line as well.


STEP SIX: Start applying the foundation on your cheeks now.  It will take three strokes, first stroke starting from the apple of your cheeks, second will be in the same direction just for giving better coverage and the third stroke will follow your jawline.  Apply on both cheeks using the same technique!


STEP SEVEN: Now only the chin is left, press your lips together smoothing out your skin,  and apply the direction of the shape of your lower lip. Blend it well with the jawline and continue it on the neck to avoid two-toned skin!


There we go! Flawless skin? Mission accomplished! ūüėÄ



Try it out and do let me know how it worked out for you! ūüėÄ

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